• Eve Thomas

Yellow: The colour of the year

The colour of happiness, celebration and life is yellow: whatever the shade, it brings brightness to any outfit. After a dark 2020, we need all the colour we can get this year, and yellow is the answer. Predicted to be the colour of the year, here are some ideas about how to style it.


In the current cold weather, wearing a coat is inevitable. Add some colour to your outfit by switching up your typical choice of coat and opting for a yellow one. Bold, sunny yellow looks chic against leather trousers, and pastel shades make a statement when paired with pleated skirts and tights.


Yellow trousers made a comeback in 2020 and we’re certainly not going to shy away from the attention they draw this year. Instead, we’re going to wear them with pride and make every outfit worthy of the attention it draws. Pair your trousers with a pastel top, or don a neutral blazer for a classy approach.


If you have dark hair, bold yellow tops are a must-wear. The contrasting tones will draw the eye to your hair, giving you the opportunity to explore new hairdos to complement your style. If you have light hair, opt for pastel tops to avoid the brightness outshining your natural attributes – the top will allow your hair to look sleek and healthy in contrast.


Although it’s been a long time since any of us have had an occasion to dress up for, the importance of feeling beautiful hasn’t lessened. Ask your housemates or family to get a takeaway, or share a bottle of wine, and use the excuse to discover the power of a little yellow dress. Try an above-the-knee cut and complete the look with simple yet elegant jewellery for a sophisticated night in.


Yellow accessories can immediately lift any outfit. Perhaps a yellow handbag will be your statement piece, or a yellow hairclip to draw attention to your face? Alternatively, paint your nails yellow for a splash of sustained colour, lasting a week or longer.

Edited by Katie Wheatley

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