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Fashion trends we should leave in 2020

As 2021 gets underway, have you vouched that it’ll be ‘new year, new you’? If that’s the case and you want to switch up your style, here are the things you should leave in 2020. Unfortunately, we can't leave the pandemic-related, political madness behind just yet.

Athlesuire for everyday wear

I’m a big advocate of comfy clothing (who isn’t?) and after spending a year staring at the same four walls, I completely understand why this trend has stuck around. However, my only saving grace in lockdown was getting dressed up so this trend seemed redundant to me. While I know this isn't the same for everyone, if I was going to put effort into my outfit it wouldn’t be to look like a main character from White Chicks.


Organza sleeves and ruffles really took off – and to a certain extent I liked it – but many seemed to take it a bit too far. They aren’t comfy nor practical.

Cardigans and knitwear

I love this trend! Grandma fashion is extremely comfy and with all the colours and patterns knitwear is available in, it can bring a bit of happiness into this bleak world. As well as this, it’s versatile and can be styled to suit a range of aesthetics, while keeping us toasty on colder days. However, hopefully we won’t be needing knits for much longer as the sun will be making a much-needed return.

Depop culture

Labelling last month’s Shein purchases or cheap charity shop buys as ‘vintage’ and reselling them on Depop for an inflated price is not entrepreneurship. It has a negative effect on those with less money who are trying to shop sustainably. Instead, we should normalise swaps. Send photos of clothes you don’t want to your friends and see if you can trade, which will allow you to revamp your wardrobe without contributing to fast fashion!

All black or brown outfits

I’m guilty of this trend because of its easy chicness. However, in a world as gloomy as ours at the moment, we need to promote bright wardrobes and makeup, and sprinkle colour wherever we can.

The concept of ‘trends’

One of the main things to come out of 2020 was greater self-love. After spending a lot of quality time with ourselves, we all have a clearer sense of identity and how we really want to dress. If you wear what you want regardless of whether it's on trend, you may become the trendsetter…

Not only can trends damage how we view ourselves, but they damage the environment and promote the ‘need’ for fast fashion. We need to find clothes we love rather than waiting for others to wear them, or look for ways to revamp our old clothes to fit in with new styles.

Edited by Katie Wheatley

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