• Michelle Almeida

Rest, relax and rejuvenate this Easter break

We’re halfway there! Another two months of pushing through online learning, working out horrid work schedules and annoying time differences, and you’ll finally be done with this academic year.

But the summer break is some time away, and lucky for us, there’s an Easter break popping in soon, and that’s the time you’re going to have to switch off and efficiently restart your entire routine whilst getting most of your work done before the last lap of the year.

In the few weeks leading up to the Easter break, get as much done as possible. Complete things that can be done quickly and have a plan ready for the tasks that need to be done over the break. Be realistic in your planning. Post easter, going to head into exam season with many deadlines piling up, so prioritise what needs to be done first and keep the additional work for in-between breaks.

  • Get your phone away from you as much as possible. It’s just a few weeks! You don’t need your phone glued to your hand, panicking over assignments and never-ending group texts that do nothing but worsen your anxiety. Inform your friends of alternative ways to contact you- your email or phone number and limit your social media intake as well.

  • Alternatively, switch off all your notifications. Delete apps that are currently driving you crazy and use your devices to solely entertain yourself.

  • Spend time with your friends and family. I think all of us are pretty familiar with the aftermath of the coronavirus. If there’s anything we should’ve taken away from the disaster, nothing matters more than your loved ones. Go on car rides, walk around a park, have movie nights but dedicate some time to your family.

  • Dont overwork yourself to burn out. Sure it’s a holiday, and often we use that as an excuse to get the most done before getting back to campus (At least some do). While it sure helps to be prepared before the hectic few months of pulling all-nighters and intense moments of questioning your life’s worth of decisions, take it slow and map everything out first before forgetting yourself in a world of assignments and unhealthy competition.

  • Try availing of your department advisory facilities if you are not able to balance your workload effectively. Most universities also provide study sessions. It could also help to attend a workshop to guide you through effective planning.

  • Your mental health matters most. Dedicate some time each day to just focusing on yourself. Could be to cook a meal while watching a show, journaling or even meditating, attending a workout session (don’t forget about distancing) or even ringing up a friend for a five min talk. Anything that could take you away from the busy lifestyle for a quick and relaxing break can work wonders on your mental health.

It’s been a year of uncertainty, struggling to cope with losses, finding ways to make it through each month, and despite the breaks we’ve had in between, the pressure never seems to deflate.

Just like your devices need a battery re-charge, so does your mental and physical health. Switch off, eat healthily, take your breaks and come back relaxed, rested and rejuvenated for the last few months of this tiring year.

Take care, and wishing you all a Happy Easter.😊

Edited by Pia Cooper

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