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Creative ways to celebrate a birthday in lockdown

Almost everybody has had a lockdown birthday this year. Although it’s not what any of us hoped for, it has pushed us to be more creative when it comes to celebrations.

That being said, getting some new ideas is easier said than done, so here are 5 ideas for a lockdown birthday, based on my own experiences with my student house.

No. 1. Murder Mystery Night

(cheap, easy, not too much prep, commitment needed)

This one is so so easy! Grab a murder mystery kit, and follow the simple instructions.

Each person is assigned a character, even better if they fully commit and dress up. You are then given a booklet to lead you though the night. I cooked a three-course meal based on the nights theme, wacked on a the Spotify Murder Mystery Dinner Party Playlist and let the game commence. Needless to say, it was very funny and just a great night.

No. 2. Afternoon Tea

(cheap, slightly more effort, so Instagram worthy)

Think Bridgerton! The cute vibe of a sweet afternoon tea is a chilled way to celebrate your birthday in lockdown. The m0re effort is required if you want to go full DIY. We baked some scones, different cakes, made little fancy sandwiches etc. It is definitely something you can do with just a quick pop to the shop! Extra tip: get everyone

to dress up fancy to make everything a

little more special!

No. 3. Karaoke / Movie Night

(Super cheap, super easy, lots of fun)

This is without a doubt the cheapest option on this list! As long as you have a laptop or smart TV this one is just way to easy! Open up YouTube and whack on some karaoke videos and sing your heart out. I will admit we combined this with some homemade cocktails, which definitely made the singing questionable! If singing is not your thing, switch karaoke for some Netflix add popcorn and cute tickets and you have yourself a home cinema night.

No. 4. Casino Night

(Cheap and slightly unusual)

Think James Bond style night. Fill your table with poker chips, playing cards and all the good stuff. Get everyone dressed up, add a few drinks if you are feeling cheeky (shaken, not stirred of course). This is a good one that everyone in the house can get involved with!

No. 5. Hot Tub

(expensive option, amazing experience, a lot of effort)

This one is on the more expensive side. We cleaned up the garden, decked it out with some fairy lights and candles, add some music, a little bit of rosé and you have got a magical night!

Honourable Mentions:

  • 2014 style Sleepover Party! – Throw yourself back to 2014, think face masks, pillow fights and some throwback movies. Bonus points if you wear some cringy pjs!

  • Pottery Session – Fired Arts in Sheffield does takeaway kits, so you can paint some pottery at home and get it fired in store!

  • Scavenger Hunt – this takes some effort to step up, but it a pretty fun was to spend a morning or afternoon!

I hope this has given you a few ideas to inspire an amazing lockdown birthday. I hope we can try to see this as a challenge and a way to try new things, though I also can’t wait to get back out into the world.

Good Luck!

Edited by Pia Cooper

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