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What I eat in a day as a vegan

Updated: Oct 16

Most people turn their noses up when I tell them I’m a vegan. But what they don't understand is it's more than just eating plant-based meals – it’s a lifestyle. Here are just some meals I eat as a vegan.

I decided to try out vegan Vietnamese food and headed to Pho in Sheffield. Having never tried the cuisine before, I was pleasantly surprised by the dishes.

I ordered a green noodle-based soup with tofu and mushrooms, which was incredible. With the smash app, you can also save 25%, so be sure to check it out if you're looking to tuck into some Vietnamese food any time soon.

People think veganism and healthy eating go hand in hand – which of course they do, but there are still ways to devour your favourite sweet treats. I love visiting Heavenly Desserts to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I had the brownie explosion and dark raspberry torte, both of which were phenomenal.

If you ever crave a sweet beverage, I highly recommend the vegan mint chocolate milkshake. It’s an absolute game-changer!

Finally, for dinner, I had Thai vegan meatballs and a courgette curry, which I made from scratch. It was an absolutely gorgeous and aromatic meal.

For dessert, I had a frozen banana. This is a great, budget-friendly meal for students as you can try vegan banana ice cream without the hefty price tag.

Most fruit you freeze turns into sorbet so you can enjoy a sweet, affordable dish and still eat healthily.

My day of eating may not have been the healthiest, but veganism isn’t always about that. It’s a lifestyle you follow for the betterment of the environment, yet you're still able to enjoy the things you love. It's a learning curve and I'm still discovering new meals and recipes all the time, but I'm loving every step of the way.

Edited by Michelle Almeida

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