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Seasonal Skincare

Simple products and rituals for great skin all year round

The air is crisp and we’re starting to see more and more cosy festive rituals begin to creep in. From twinkling lights to blustery walks followed by hot chocolate by the fire, this time of year is definitely beautiful. However, it can be a tough time for our skin. The extreme cold temperatures that we are faced with when battling the elements can really dry us out on an epidermal level. Pair this with the opposite, extreme dry heat from indoor heating, and our skin is left gasping for a moisture boost.

I have been faced with this seasonal skin problem every year I can remember since my mid-teens, which is the age at which our skin tends to need a little more TLC. Over these years, I've spent more money than I care to admit trying to find the perfect products to see me through to the spring. I have finally found some (affordable!) old reliables to combat this ‘epidermal drought’, along with some tips that I’ve integrated into my busy daily routine.

Basic skincare must-haves for the colder months (All Cruelty Free):


Product: The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

I use this every morning and every night as it is so easy to apply and can be washed off with a flannel and warm water. It melts away any makeup- even the waterproof mascara I use on holiday!


Product: The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream

Again, use this every morning and every night, following cleansing. It gives skin a deep moisture that lasts, without becoming oily and causing that awful shine that we all dread.


Product: T-Zone Australian Pink Clay Mask

This new mask from T-Zone is incredibly cheap for a multi-use mask and works wonders for me. I tend to use it every Sunday, after spending a hectic weekend working in hospitality. It leaves my skin deeply cleansed and the shrinking of my pores is so noticeable. I’m left feeling fresh- faced and ready for my next week of studying from home. This mask is Vegan too!

It’s not just about the facial products.

We can’t expect our skin to stay hydrated if we don’t hydrate our bodies. I fill a 1 litre bottle of water every morning to ensure that I drink my six to eight glasses a day, as recommended by the NHS’ Eatwell Guide. It’s a great way of making sure that you remember to actually drink water, a simple necessity that so many of us forget.

The come down from the plentiful Vitamin D of summer is another contributing factor of dry skin at this time of year. In the colder months, we tend to stay indoors more. Also, apart from the odd crisp yet sunny day, we don’t see much of the sun for a fair few months. I take vitamin D supplements daily, along with other vitamins, to ensure that I get my daily recommended intake. Vitamins don’t cost a lot at all (don’t fall for brands- the contents are usually the same), and they can be bought from your local supermarket.

These are really simple products and rituals because I, like most students, have a busy schedule and I'm always looking for timely, affordable ways to keep up with self-care without it taking time away from my studies and other commitments. I hope this helps anyone whose skin is suffering from the changing of the seasons.

Edited by Madeleine Gill

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