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  • Jessica Morris

How to wear your wardrobe all year round

A lot of us are guilty of falling into the throws of seasonal fashion trends. Yearning for the newest trending garment is instilled in us from school age. The changeability of style and fluctuations in colour choices are addictive and make us feel the need to keep up. However, this doesn’t have to mean compromising the money in your purse, or the state of our planet.

The need for sustainable fashion is ever-increasing as we learn more about fabric waste and its impact on the environment. Recycling and reusing clothes is becoming more and more popular and is a great way to reduce waste and to live more sustainably. If you want to do something to help save our planet, why not start with your wardrobe?

Here are some ideas for carrying your favourite AW20 pieces through to SS21:

Those hyper-comfy baggy jeans you wore all winter

Baggy jeans were a definite AW20 staple. Paired with trainers, a simple tee, and even a longline throw-on cardigan, your jeans will see you into the warmer months of this casual fashion life we’re all living right now. Casual, baggy blue jeans also go great with the right sandals or sliders.

If, like me, you’ve worn your trusty jeans so much on winter walks and for general house-bound shenanigans that you’ve worn holes through the knees, you could take it one step further – cut them into shorts!

The chunky boot

Chunky winter boots quickly became must-haves when most of the UK were under restrictions throughout AW20, forcing them to socialise outdoors. But these boots are more than just feet-warming protection from the elements. If styled in the right way, they can be your go-to footwear for easy, festival-chic spring and summer looks.

Pair your boots with floral, mid-length dresses, and see your inner hippie bloom. This look is best pulled off with vintage-style patterns, natural undone hair and can even be layered with a chunky knit on chilly days. For an extra casual touch, wear chunky, knitted socks and make sure they poke out over the boots. From sturdy and cosy to stylish and boho, chunky boots can be impressively versatile.

Your favourite heavy-knit scarf

Everyone always turns to a chunky-knit scarf to feel cosy when out and about in winter. They may be the epitome of warmth for winter excursions but when they’re worn with a denim jacket over a summer dress, they become so much more. Channel your inner ‘student at the Sorbonne’ vibe with this look.

The classic knitted jumper

Don’t go packing away those woolies just yet. Yes, the weather does grow too warm for itchy woollen wraps in the summer months, but having a chunky knit to hand for when the temperature drops on a summer’s evening is always a good move.

Opt for a knit that’s easy to throw over your cute summer outfit, but won't have you over-heating. A top with long, flared sleeves will soften the appearance of the jumper, and will look more casual when worn with shorts or a skirt.

I hope these style recommendations help you make more sustainable choices as we transition into SS21.

Edited by Katie Wheatley


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